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Made from exceptional fabrics, these wallets will become your favorite possession.  


Use them everywhere... in your car, at your desk, in your purse, for your library.

The unique elastic closure make them easy to use and they lay flat when open. 

Holds 14 discs. 

Just $7.99 !

Are you tired of looking at jewel cases on your wall? 

Try moving your discs to these colorful wallets and mount them in wooden crates.

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Calypso Cyber Imperial Pinwheel Sunset
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Waves Leopard Montage Ombre Celestial
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Denim Doggone Fancy Cats Neon Skulls Purple Swirl
Verde Zodiac Blue Flames Orange Flames Camoflage
Black Dots Pink Dots Skull & Crossbones Cherries Navajo
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